Batman: The Long Halloween #11

    Batman: The Long Halloween » Batman: The Long Halloween #11 - Roman Holiday released by DC Comics on October 1997.

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    In the Dent family basement Gilda confronts an angry Harvey. She has found a modified .22 exactly like the ones that Holiday uses. He claims it is a piece of evidence. Gilda seems suspicious that he would bring evidence home with him. Harvey claims it is a regular occurrence, and storms off.

    It is August second, in the middle of the day. Batman has come to a dive bar in Gotham looking for the Riddler, the only person Holiday has left alive. Since Batman is not nearly as intimidating in daylight the bartender attacks and Bats is forced to clean out the bar. He discovers the sole patron left conscious is an inebriated Riddler. Batman asks Riddler if he saw Holiday on April Fool’s Day. Riddler dodges the question. Batman asks what Riddler was doing in The Roman’s building in the first place. Riddler informs him that Falcone wanted Nigma’s take on the killings, and didn’t like the masked criminals answers. Riddler suggests he was left alive as an April Fool’s prank. Batman suggests that his foe was left alive because Falcone wanted the world to know he was looking for Holiday.

    Carmine Falcone is in his study. His sister Carla is furious that he had hired Poison Ivy, Riddler, Scarecrow, and Mad Hatter. Carmine informs her that he doesn’t need to explain himself to her. Carmine’s daughter Sofia enters and informs the siblings that “they’re ready.”

    Sal “The Boss” Maroni is frisked and escorted towards the courtroom where he is prepared to testify against Falcone. Dent’s corrupt assistant Vernon arrives and gives Maroni a bottle of stomach medicine. Maroni expresses disbelief that Dent suddenly cares about his ulcer, but takes the bottle. Harvey Dent calls Maroni to the stand.

    It is revealed that Sofia was calling her father and aunt downstairs for The Roman’s birthday celebration.

    Maroni begins confessing to murders. He complains of his ulcer, Dent acts like this is the first he’s heard of the ailment. Dent asks the crimelord if he committed the murders under direct order from Carmine “The Roman” Falcone. Maroni begins a coughing fit. He reaches for his bottle of medicine, uncaps it and hurls the contents at the district attorney’s face.

    Carmine Falcone blows out the candles on his birthday cake.

    Dent writhes in agony. Maroni informs Dent that the acid he’s hurled at him is strong enough to eat through cement. He mocks his victim as he is dragged out of the courtroom. A disguised Bruce Wayne is horrified by the scene.

    At the hospital a surgeon enters the waiting room to find Gilda Dent and the Gordon’s. He informs them that Harvey is gone. He clarifies that he means that literally, as in escaped, before he topples lifelessly into Jim Gordon’s arms with a scalpel lodged into his back.

    Carla is looking through the records of the Gotham coroner. The shadowy figure of Holiday arrives and shoots her dead. She falls among piles of scattered files.


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    Rome Was not Built in a Day 0

    What I love about The Long Halloween is the poetic structure which pays homage to events in a calendar.   This story works well with Batman since he has the best gimmick rogue gallery.  At first I thought that naming this "Roman Holiday" was an easy way just to solve the fact August doesn't really have any official Holidays.  The name Roman Holiday is very symbolic for there are ancient Roman Holidays and there are many Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale could of picked.  I choose to review this issue on Au...

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