Batman: The Long Halloween #10

    Batman: The Long Halloween » Batman: The Long Halloween #10 - Independence Day released by DC Comics on September 1997.

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    The Gotham city coroner is parked in his hearse. A shadowy figure arrives through the fog. The coroner panics as Holiday shoots the coroner and throws his body off of the dock. The now empty car is parked on the docks under the bridge in the midst of Gotham’s Independence Day fireworks display.

    Bruce Wayne is spending the fourth with Selina Kyle at his mansion. Selina asks him to leave Gotham with her. He mentions a promise he made to his parents. The couple witnesses the Bat Signal in the sky.

    Batman arrives at the roof of the police station to find it is Harvey Dent that has summoned him. Dent is flipping the coin that his mentally ill father gave him on Father’s Day. Dent speaks of the pact that Dent, Jim Gordon, and the caped crusader made to bring down The Roman. Dent says he made a mistake going after Bruce Wayne. He expresses his relief that with the testimony of Maroni the entire episode will soon be over. He says that with Falcone behind bars he plans to take some time off. Gordon arrives at the rooftop to inform them of Holiday’s latest killing. Catwoman has witnessed the scene from another rooftop.

    Dent’s corrupt assistant Vernon brings Maroni a visitor. It is Sofia Falcone Gigante. She reminds Sal that when she was arrested she served her time and did not ever mention his name. He says that she did what was right for her, and he has to do what is right for himself. Sofia tells Sal that she missed him while she was locked up, the two kiss. She tells him that she knows Dent has him cornered, and that without the District Attorney everyone will lay off. She leaves after informing him that she knows he will do the right thing.

    Gilda Dent and Barbara Gordon (Jim’s wife) are talking at the Gordon’s apartment. Gilda expresses her disgust with Gotham City and the way it changes people. Barbara states that with Jim’s work and their infant son they find themselves digging in. Gilda talks about how the Falcone case has been changing Harvey, eating at him from the inside. She wonders if she will ever see the man she married again.

    Batman and Gordon stand over the modified .22 and Lady Liberty statue that Holiday left at the scene of the latest murder. The fact that in this shooting, like the others, the shots came from close range suggests to Batman that Holiday knew the victims. Gordon, citing Batman, says that it could also be stealth. Catwoman is revealed to be watching the scene from above. Batman asks if Harvey Dent has an alibi for the time of the killings. Gordon is surprised by more fireworks hours after the display was scheduled to end. Batman pulls one of his famous disappearing acts.

    Two apparently bank security officers express delight at the new fireworks. A rocket strikes the door they are guarding and gives off a large green explosion. Scarecrow and Mad Hatter arrive on the scene in a horse drawn cart. Once again Scarecrow is reciting nursery rhymes while Mad Hatter is quoting Lewis Carroll. The two are loading bags of money onto their cart when Batman arrives. Our hero ponders the situation. He had previously assumed that the Mad Hatter was the only help that Scarecrow had escaping from Arkham, the bank robbery though, suggests that they are ultimately being led by The Roman. Batman neutralizes Scarecrow. Catwoman appears and takes care of the Hatter. Batman reveals that he saw her following him at the police station and the docks. She suggests that the two of them take the money and run. Batman asks for her help against Falcone. Catwoman leaves disappointed. Batman begins the task of turning in the psychopaths, musing that losing on time with Catwoman is the price of his independence.


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    "The Price of Independence" 0

    Celebration, this is what this issues is about:  FIREWORKS and all its GLORY.  The story's structure is great, it starts off with the Murder and the fireworks, which builds up the the moral lesson that Independence and Freedom are not free.  The Scarecrow and the Mad Hatter have been running loose in Gotham for about 2 1/2 issues, guys who's freedom and liberties are long overdue and this issue addresses this plot line.  With the deviation to celebrate the parents, the children of crime are now ...

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