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A groundbreaking Halloween.

Please read this before reading my review!: Okay so normally I write reviews on single issue comic books and what not. This is my first review of a graphic novel and it is not going to be like my normal reviews. No spoiling, no spitting back the pages, and no copied thoughts. Thank you and enjoy! 
My thoughts 
When I bought this book I was very excited to read it. Jeph Loeb is a fantastic writer and the way he wrote each and every page in this book was amazing. The thought of Batman and Halloween is something I've always loved and wanted to see. Batman for me is a quintessential example of a hero fighting the darkness of Halloween. This book took it to the next level by incorporating a realistic storyline into a full year holiday special. The characters were written amazingly because each one had their true to the roots feel. The main villain was crime among a mob family. There's nothing I love more than dark and mysterious suspense and this book delivered on that aspect. The other half of this book's success for me was the art. The art was just beautiful. Every character drawn had an eerie dark look to them that intesified the suspense. What I also love about the art is Tim Sale's view of Gotham. The way he draws Gotham is just amazing. It's the pinnacle of Gotham's landscape. I cannot stress how great this book was. 
I don't have any negative comments about this book. I think that it's one of the best Batman books out there and should be celebrated for ever. I give it a 5 out of 5 because I know how hard Jeph Loeb and the artists worked on this and I think it masters Bruce Wayne and everything about the whole Batman Gotham thing.  
I hope you enjoyed my review and this was my first review of a graphic novel and please tell me what you thought. Thank you and Happy Halloween!

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