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The Killing Joke review

This comic really reminded me of why Alan Moore is one of the most beloved comic book writers of all time. As we all know, there is many origin stories of the joker. Out of all of those origins I honestly think this is the most interesting and well thought out origin. Joker is one messed up guy, he shoots Barbara, strips her, and then takes photographs of it. The motive behind it is to drive commissioner gordon insane. Joker wants to prove that all it takes is one bad day to drive the most sanest man alive insane. I think the plot of this story and jokers motive fits the Joker perfectly. The story also gives depth to the jokers character, after the flashbacks revealing one of his many origins i almost even felt bad for him. It also even gave more meaning to jokers and batman's relationship with a flashback of their first encounter. The story had a perfect mix of everything. Great art, depth, action, good characters, a fulfilling plot, and in my opinion made joker arguably the best comic book villain of all time. This is a must read for all batman fans and even if your not, then you still gotta read this. 5/5 

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