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The greatest story ever told about the greatest villain ever...

The Killing Joke is a must for any fan of Batman, Joker or even Alan Moore who wrote this book. The Jokers origin is finally revealed, and damn if it isn't the best origin story ever. What book can make you feel sorry for a homicidal villain such as The Joker? The Killing Joke.

Officially, it is just a "possible" origin story, so fans don't need to fret about having that special mystery Joker has taken from him.

Getting to the point, this story is a masterpiece. It's about the Joker trying to prove that everyone can turn just as insane as he is after "one bad day" as he call it. The plan is to capture our beloved Commishner Gordon and put him through a gruelling series of horrifying events, hoping that his mind will crack and that he will become just as mad as The Joker. Obviously, it is up to The Batman to stop him, who is also trying to settle things with his arch enemy once and for all. Wow.

Just think. Without The Killing Joke, there would be no Tim Burton Batman movies... Burton didn't even like Batman, but because of this book, he agreed to make the film, it's the only comic book he has ever loved. And then again, this is the blueprint for Heath Ledgers Joker performance. This was his main reference to the character, and that fact is evident throughout the whole of The Dark Knight movie.

I got so wrapped up there that I almost forgot to mention that I have the deluxe, re-colored edition.

From what I've heard, the original version is very intensely colored, which wouldn't quite fit the dark story presented here, in my view anyway... The colors look much cooler, realising Brain Bolland's (the illustrator) vision of the book for the first time.

As you can see, The Killing Joke is very epic and I enjoyed it alot. The new coloring only makes the stunning illustration by Bolland better (Joker looks especially crazy). Speaking of which, Bollands illustration is very, very good. Joker just looks brilliant, exactly the way he should be. Batman looks great too, though I nitpick in saying that the Bat symbol across his chest was a bit small at times.

Alan Moores writing is just the best ever. Everything every character says is natural and realistic. I just loved it. The Killing Joke is one of those stories with a fairly simple plot, but such complex characters and brilliant writing. The pacing is smooth and, with its short length and awesomeness, is easy to read multiple times. Easily one of the best graphic novels ever.

STORY- 10/10




OVERALL- 9.5/10

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