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#1 Comic of All Time! 1

Surprisingly, this is the first comment on this magnificent graphic novel. This is without a doubt the greatest comic I've ever read. The portal of the Joker in his "past" (he remembers it in multiple ways) makes you feel sympathy for the comedian. This book contains themes that make you feel more sorry for the Joker then any other character even though he kills a guy, paralysis someone and tries to make Gordon go mad for the sake of proving a point. At the end of this novel you see an interesti...

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A Must Read 1

After years of hearing the non stop praise that has been lavished upon this story I finally decided to pick up The Killing Joke. I must say the people are right, this is an amazing story with some of the best artwork I have ever seen in a comic. Bolland's cinematic artwork will strike you from page one as Batman walks in to Arkham Asylum to meet with a man whom he believes to be the Joker. Bolland's attention to detail is astonishing especially when he handles the colouring chores (found in the ...

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Whats Going On? 2

Why am i feeling sorry for the Joker.I have to keep reminding myself that the Joker is a evil murderer because this issue keeps making you want to feel sorry for him.Believe me i dont but honestlly its not easy.Now remember what i keep saying about,the most important part of a comic is the story and second is the art and third action.Well it seems that they got all three down perfectlly with this one.Infact i think this is the best comic featuring the Joker that ive ever read.I knew that alot of...

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Favorite Comic Cover/Favorite Issue 0

The Joker is shrouded in mystery. He is a myth, he is a legend. This story gives readers another backstory to the Joker. This is not his definite origin, no one will ever know that. This is one of those, "this could be it, but we'll never know" stories. It delves deeply into Joker's psyche, letting the audience know why he is so psychotic. You feel sorry for the character, for once, he is alone, maddened by his obsessions with murder, crime, and the Bat. He wants others to feel his insanity, pai...

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The Absolute Truth about The Clown Prince of Crime 3

The greatest Joker story ever told. I know there are other issues which have the same slogan like this but this one is the original and the ultimate best. The Killing Joke is beautifully drawn by the legendary Brian Bolland and it tells a rather sad story of the Joker's origin and how he became the crazed clown as he is today. It also gives us a story of how Barbara Gordon became crippled and is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.  It's a much darker approach than any other instal...

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Overrated 1

Yes, it is. If you ask me, it's essentially at the same level as "The Man Who Laughs": likable, but not mind blowing.Ok, so, Batman tries to stop the Joker who's trying to prove a point; that anyone who's push far enough will want to escape reality through insanity. As such, Joker's own origin (which I still don't care for) is shown as a testament to that concept. Ok, but there's only one problem with that--I've never bought that the Joker is insane.Seriously, I never have, and never will unless...

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Not too shabby... 1

The Killing Joke isn't an amazing graphic novel, but it IS a must read for any Bat-Fan. Not only does it show  one of the many possible origin story's for the Joker, but also the odd relationship that ties the Joker and Batman together-the fact that Batman may actually be the reason for The Clown Prince of Crime's existence. Although many find it hard, this book could actually make you feel BAD for the Joker. Maybe.The cooler colors on the deluxe edition aren't , in my opinion, doing the book an...

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John Higgin's Color verses Brian Bolland's! 4

The Killing Joker:  The most celebrated of all Joker Stories.    Like Watchmen, this book are created by top talent Brits.  Alan Moore, Brian Bolland and John Higgins. Alan Moore, the most celebrated writer in comics alone makes this a must read.  Brian Bolland's interiors is a special treat since he  never really does it.  That is what makes it a must.   20 years after the Killing Joke was released, it still has an effect on the DCU.  Still considered Canon.  Worthy of a Deluxe printing.  Most ...

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One Bad Day 1

The Story:  Batman visits the Joker at Arkham Asylum only to find out that it's an impostor and the real Joker has escaped. The Joker shows up at James Gordon's home and shoots Barbara upon answering the door. The Joker strips her of her clothes and takes pictures of her. He takes Gordon to his amusement park he recently acquired and does everything in his power to drive Gordon insane. Batman comes to rescue Gordon and stop the Joker. The two begin fighting and Batman gets the upper hand so the ...

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The greatest story ever told about the greatest villain ever... 1

The Killing Joke is a must for any fan of Batman, Joker or even Alan Moore who wrote this book. The Jokers origin is finally revealed, and damn if it isn't the best origin story ever. What book can make you feel sorry for a homicidal villain such as The Joker? The Killing Joke.Officially, it is just a "possible" origin story, so fans don't need to fret about having that special mystery Joker has taken from him.Getting to the point, this story is a masterpiece. It's about the Joker trying to prov...

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You can't forget this easy !!! 0

I don't know for the rest of the people readed this but i really can't forget it easy. It's one of the best things i've read. I don't like the story about who and how he became the Joker but everything else was amazing. Well i sure don't like the origin story for the Joker in this book but i can't blame some one for it (specially Alan Moore). We don't know the truth about Joker. Only Bob Kane knows and since we can't find out the true story we can't blame people for making books with alternative...

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The Killing Joke review 0

This comic really reminded me of why Alan Moore is one of the most beloved comic book writers of all time. As we all know, there is many origin stories of the joker. Out of all of those origins I honestly think this is the most interesting and well thought out origin. Joker is one messed up guy, he shoots Barbara, strips her, and then takes photographs of it. The motive behind it is to drive commissioner gordon insane. Joker wants to prove that all it takes is one bad day to drive the most sanes...

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One bad day 0

Ah, The Killing Joke. Where to begin? Not only is it one of Alan Moore's finest works, it's the greatest Joker story ever told, and one of the best Batman books in general. For a basic plot summary, The Joker has once again broken out of Arkham Asylum, and he's out to prove a point.  That point being that one bad day can make any man, no matter how sane, snap. He even stoops so low that he comes to Commisioner Gordon's house, shoots his daughter, all while cracking a few jokes. It's scenes like ...

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Joker’s most brutal stunt ever! 0

5.5 stars!OH…MY…GOD…I thought I knew everything there was to know about the Joker, one of Batman’s greatest foes. But after reading “Batman: The Killing Joke” and how the Joker was portrayed in this book, the Joker has officially become one of the most VILE, TWISTED, DARK and most DISTURBING villain I have ever come face to face with…AND I LOVED IT! Being brilliantly written by Alan Moore and being masterfully illustrated by Brian Bolland, “Batman: The Killing Joke” has remained to be one of the...

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There Were These Two Guys in a Lunatic Asylum... 1

I have been a Batman fan all my life but I never got this book until after seeing the Watchmen film. After seeing that I started to buy other books by Alan Moore initially buying the Watchmen, and following onto his other material. I also had planned getting a few Batman graphic novels at the time as I hadn't started collecting comics yet and when I saw this book and that it was not just written by Moore but also was a story about my favourite Batman villain the Joker I had to buy it. Since then...

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48 pages 0

I was pretty surprised when I came across this and realized how short it is. It's only 48 pages! After all the talk and acclaim I expected something bigger. But oh well, we're talking about Alan Moore in the late eighties. Does it get any better than that for comic writing? He was at the height of his powers, and Batman was also going through possibly the most interesting and iconic times of his history. As you've probably heard, this is a must-read....

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Madness is only one bad day away. 0

Together with Commissioner Gordon, Batman heads to Arkham Asylum to see the Joker. Surprisingly, it's not for an interrogation, instead he seeks a simple conversation with the mad man. As the conversation quickly leads to nowhere, Batman learns that the Joker has escaped once again. He seeks out the psychopath only to come up short, while the Joker freely begins another reign of terror. -summaryThe 80's was truly a great run for comic books due to them going through a heavy transformation into t...

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Batman: The Killing Joke - Comic Review 0

Title: The Killing JokeWriter: Alan MooreArtist: Brian BollandColorist: John HigginsPublished by DC Comics on June 1988Short Recap:Joker has a theory about insanity. He argues that everyone has a nugget of insanity inside them that only waits the right moment to be spring out. And what’s a better way to prove that theory other than turn the most lawful police in Gotham, Commissioner Gordon, insane.Review:Alan Moore made this one-shot and he made it perfectly. This one-shot has a very heavy...

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