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"NIGHT OF THE OWLS" continues here!

Guest-writer JUDD WINICK joins artist DAVID FINCH for the return of RED ROBIN!

Red Robin is back in Gotham City just in time to face off against TALON and THE COURT OF OWLS!



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There has been... talk of retiring you from duty 0

Oh man, I loves me my Red Robin. My favouret of all the robins in the word be Tim Drake. Oh boy I wonder how he’s going to deal with the Talons in this issue of Batman the Dark Knight which ties into “Night of the Owls”, well lets dig into Batman the Dark Knight #9 and …… no, just no. I can’t wait until the third paragraph, where I usually rip into the story and art to deal with the major issue revolving this issue. What is that issue you may ask? Well it’s this. DC’s Solicit advertised this iss...

5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

Red Herring 0

This wasn't a great cover to begin with, The structure is a bit of a mess, the poses are pretty cheesy, and Red Robin's neck is like a damn crane. But the biggest problem with this cover is that it's wrong. I'm not saying Red Robin doesn't APPEAR in this issue, but he only shows up for one panel at the end alongside a bunch of other former Robins. If you're about to read this, know one thing, THIS IS NOT A NIGHT OF THE OWLS STORY FEATURING RED ROBIN VS. A TALON. THIS IS A STORY OF A TALON.And on...

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The Biggest Lie (Tim Drake) 0

It's well-known among long-time users of Comic Vine that covers routinely lie. It's almost a given. I know I'm shocked when the cover ISN'T a lie. However, in this case the solicit was also a lie. Because do you know how much Red Robin is in this issue? ONE PANEL. Yeah. So if you were thinking of buying this because you like Red Robin and not because you're following the Night of the Owls you will be very disappointed.As far as this talon goes, Winick may have made a mistake. The talon mentions ...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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