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    ... Why?

    Why would DC approve anything about this book?

    honestly, I read it cause i expected it to be hilariously bad, it wasnt, it was honestly a horrible experience.

    first of all I havent read Catwoman lately,because it sucks, but i know about this plot about Gotham having an underground city, and i do think is a cool idea, but without actually knowing any details about it I got lost instantly on this comic regarding that concept as almost all of this comic takes place on that setting. because apparently this underground city has an underground society made out of tribes that subsist by


    , I dont think this is a nitpick because one of the points of the issue is Joker's daughter pretty much fighting for gender's equality or gender's superiority in this case because she sees some guy who eats first and lets the leftovers to his wife, so she is basically fighting so that women eat first.

    so Where the hell did the food came from?

    or Water? or anything that makes it possible of this to work as a society, I have no idea if this is explain in Catwoman but it makes no sense to me here.

    That is not even getting to talk about Joker's daughter as a character, she is basically like a Gail Simone's villain on Batgirl, she has absolutely no motivation, other than she is crazy, and she is crazy, just because, thats basically the character in a nutshell, "she is crazy" the end, and it is just that simple line that ends up explaining everything about her, but it is not creepy, it is not interesting, it is not compelling and if actually put some logic on this character she is a person who had a good family but was born with some mental illness and their parents just basically let her be crazy instead of sending her to some hospital just because. hell this was pretty damn close to the new ventriloquist that i think Nocenti actually rip it off on many ways.

    now the plot is garbage and it made no sense at all but what really moves this from just a bad comic to "unreadable" is the writing.

    ok, maybe the character could work, maybe the setting could work, maybe the plot could work, but it is the writing that makes it all fall apart.

    for example. there is this part at the beginning where Duela talks about a part of the city that got flooded, and she compares it to a photo she saw about a death couple who died in a volcano and got covered in ash, to which she compares it to this situation as, and Im quoting: "the people of the nethers were frozen in whatever everyone was doing when the flood came"

    what the f does that mean?!


    unless it means that they got frozen by shock, but then the comparison to the volcano makes no sense

    It just tries be smart, or deep and it just fails so bad.

    its just a terrible thing to read, I definitely think Creeper was better than this.

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