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You Love the Cold

So this is one of the Villains Month issues that I was really looking forward of and after reading it I can say that I wasn't disappointed at all.I was excited for it even more when I learned that Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti will be writting it.

The issue focuses on the current status of Mr. Freeze and on his past.What drives and what makes him to be the man he is today.His origin is changed and so far in the New 52 I have mixed feeling about it.I mean I have always loved Freeze and he is one of my favorite Bat villains but here in the New 52 he is almost useless.What drives him is interesting because he looks like a man who wants to have a family and is a psychopath but in the end he just doesn't feel needed at all.Except from his fans like me who just want him to appear so they can look at him and be happy because he is such a great villain and has such great powers.

The other thing in this issue that made an impression to me and it also did way back in the Batman Annual #1 was that his ice powers are now from himself and not a gun.I don't know what it is with DC these days that they turn every villain with ice powers that they can make ice and it isn't something different like it was with Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze.For Freeze it looks really strange and the way he became this thing doesn't explain exactly how he was given ice powers.

The artwork in the issue worked pretty well.I am a fan of it because I liked the way Freeze was done and all of the surrounding characters.The only problem I had with it it's that it is just too bright for me.The style is great but the coloring was the best addition for this issue in my opinion.In the Batman Annual Jason Fabok had the best panels for me that had Freeze involved.

The issue is a mixed bag.There are things that work for me and I love them like all of the things he is doing because they are just really awesome and crazy and I love me some crazy villains but for a second week with Villains issues and it already feels just too used to have a traumatic childhood.Every villain so far has had really bad childhood and that is why they became villains and such crazies.I think DC should get more creative and change things like this.

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