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The Cold Shoulder

SPOILERS ahead, don't look back now! So I'm checking out all the villain month issues to give the new reader perspective. Now I know quite a bit about Mr Freeze due to the character's popularity and well known origin. I also know that said origin has been changed and this issue adds more to said changes.

The Good:
The art for the most part was really nice in this issue. There was one face Bruce Wayne makes that felt kind of off to me but that's really the only eyebrow raising moment art wise. I really like Freeze's design here even if it looks a bit like he's ripping off Captain Cold. This issue goes out of it's way to portray Freeze as crazy and it does a convincing job at it.

The Bad:
Well I was already not a fan of the changes in Freeze's origin and really the stuff added here doesn't make it much better. This issue really only serves to give flashbacks and explain Freeze's new motive, which is honestly pretty silly and even more restrictive to the character than his old origin. Also he may have already lost said motive depending on how you look at the end of the issue. I also don't like the changes to Freeze's character, he's just a plain old crazy person here with all the quiet tragedy sucked out of the character. And without that he doesn't have anything to make him really stand out.


Personally not a fan of this issue. The further changes in Freeze's origin and overall personality lessen the character in my eyes and the issue itself is all about the changes. So basically if you're an old school Freeze fan I'd avoid this unless you're interested in just how much they messed with him as a character. Current Batman readers don't really have much reason to check this one out. I guess if you've ever wanted to see a more legitimately crazy Freeze this issue should be right up your alley.

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