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Lights Out In Gotham


The villains have won. The Crime Syndicate has taken over and the Justice League is dead. Gotham is in darkness except for a lone theater with power.

The Good:

There isn't a great deal of good or bad in this issue. The new Ventriloquist's origin is pretty generic. She seems to have a pretty cool powerset but it isn't really explained. We see some details from her childhood but no real justification or motivation on why she has become the person she is today. The art is pretty good so that helps an otherwise dull story.

The Bad

Gail Simone can do much better than this. This book just comes off as being creepy and dark just for the sake of some cheap gore and violence for the sake of violence. This felt like a B horror film without a plot that relies on shameless violence to sell a few tickets. Alex Merkel of Secret Six fame was a far superior character to the new Ventriloquist.


The new Ventriloquist has a ton of potential as a character. I just don't think its realized here. Maybe with time Simone can develop her further and give us a story worth reading. This didn't happen here. I'd avoid this unless you feel like tossing $3 down the drain. Not sure who approved a Villains' Month issue for a character with 4 appearances, maybe they have incriminating photos of Geoff Johns and farm animals.


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