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A bland act

SPOILERS are most likely to pop up here. So I'm reading all the villain month books to see if they can draw in new readers and all that jazz. This should be an interesting one as I've never seen this version of Ventriloquist so there's a lot for this issue to show off.

The Good:

This issue does a very good job of showing off just what this version of Ventriloquist is capable of and it's some pretty neat stuff. She's certainly got more going for her than the previous characters to use the name. I always like the art quite a bit in this issue, even if some of the panels come across as pretty bland at times everything at least is ordered very well and this issue is very easy to follow. There's also several little bits that stress Ventriloquist's insanity and I quite like them.

The Bad:

Ventriloquist's origin feels a tad predictable to me and if it's still pretty neat overall. Also everyone in this issue is somehow able to trust all the creepy signs around the theater this issue takes place in but then suddenly once Ventriloquist shows up they get that something is wrong before she even starts acting creepy. The guys fighting Ventriloquist also seem pretty dumb, and it feels kind of silly seeing them all fall to dummy. I also wish Ventriloquist used her powers a bit more like she did in her flashback as that's a far more interesting way to use them in my opinion.


This issue was okay, but it felt a bit bland despite introducing a new character to me. Still I did enjoy it and I'm interested in seeing what happens with this villain next. Batgirl fans might want to check this one out and anyone who enjoyed this character's previous appearances should like this one.

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