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Really digging the cover in this one, for some reason.  It certainly illustrates the main point of the series.  I'm not fond of Batman's face, but the Penguin backdrop is awesome.
The Good:
There is a lot of good stuff here, I could write a long, long review, but I'll keep it short.  I enjoyed the pacing, the dialogue, the art altogether with great color variety; I even like how Bruce reacts to the whole situation with Golden.   I enjoy the way Finch depicts three classic members of Batman's rogue gallery (Penguin, Ragman, and Killer Croc), and I really like the way that it's very elusive as to how the two mini storylines are interconnected.
The Bad: 
The only thing that bothers me is that although I understand that she is very important to Bruce, why is this finally coming to light now?  Why has her name never before been mentioned?  I also get that this is Finch's take and his new character, but I guess ultimately what I'm getting at is that I'm really wondering why I should care about Golden Dawn.  Maybe subsequent issues can quench my inquisitiveness.
I really hope this series does not take as long to come out.  It hurt this series a little, since I actually had to go back and read the previous issue to remind myself of what was going on.  I am really looking forward to the next issue.

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