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Super Toxin

I dropped this series after issue 9 as I didn't like it. However after hearing that the series was starting to get good again since Hurwitz took over the writing (as of issue 10) I decided I might give the series another shot. I decided to get the issues I missed, which I liked so I decided to continue getting the series. I am happy Finch has been able to stay on doing art (although I noticed he will be leaving after issue 15. I assume this is so he can go work on the new Justice League of America series) as he's amazing artist, it's just his writing on this series was not good, to put it kindly.

This issue sees Batman who is still locked up in Scarecrow's basement getting used as a guinea pig to test his super toxin. The toxin makes Batman see his fears and makes him think that Scarecrow knows things about his secret identity/life. Meanwhile Scarecrow still has the girl in another room and is still haunted by his own abused past.

This was a good issue and I for one am actually liking the re-imagined Scarecrow. I understand why people may not like it if they were a fan before but I like how we see this abused person who's dedicated his life to doing the exact same to others, whilst trying to understand what it does to them. I also like to see Batman affected by the toxin again as pre-New 52 he was immune to basically every form of it. I like how Scarecrow says that Batman is afraid of the dark or the Joker or himself, and what he is afraid of is the light. I like this because Batman has became so dedicated to his cause that Bruce Wayne is almost his mask and that Batman is his true identity. I also like how we see him think about Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian whilst he's under the effects of the toxin as well. I am however looking forward to seeing Batman fight the Scarecrow (hopefully next issue) as most of this story has been about both Scarecrow's and Batman's past fears.

Final verdict. Great issue and I am happy to see the series is starting to get good again. If this is what happens when I drop a series I'll need to do it more often. I would highly recommend this issue and am looking forward to the next.

Rating: 4/5

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