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Great Series

Very good take on Batman, focusing on the grittier side of his character, even before that style of comics has became as popular as it has today, clearly shows that The dark knight is human, and fighting people at 50 could prove a challenge. 
The ideas of splinter Batman groups are great ideas, "the sons of batman" prove to be a way youths have risen up by the memory of Batman to combat the "mutants" although they're rather misguided, without Bats' they torch buildings to convey a message. 
The way Bruce shows his guilt for the Jokers crimes because of his inabillity to break his rule (not to kill anyone) is a great climax towards the end of the story. 
The series can also be found in a graphic novel form, where i first read it, which is a good way to get the story read without breaks... 
As it provides a great insight into Batmans head, and it portrays what gotham could become without a hero, i'd give it about 4.5 out of 5, and i also agree with 'smile' It would make a great film.

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    best comic ever. 0

    the dark knight returns is the best comic ever.its got batman as a retired man but returns again and he gets a new cool robin named carrie kelley. in part 2 superman and green arrow come but superman is an anti hero and green arrow is good.batman gets a cool armour to defend himself from heat visions. Batman wins but fakes an heart attack to stop the fight. best comic ever....

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