mrfuzzynutz's Batman: The Dark Knight #1 - Knight Terrors review

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    Welcome To Gotham Please Don't Feed The Inmates

    Jenkins and Finch step up to the plate and hit grand slam with their contribution to the new DCU!

    The Good Stuff

    It has been my long standing view that any good batman story starts and end with the right artist. As one of the most visually stunning characters in comics, it is critical to portray Batman as what he is, a Dark Avenger of Justice and as such he should look as menacing and bold as the city he protects and the villains he fights.

    So I was truly delighted to see Finch truly capturing what I think is a true vision of Batman. Gritty inks with heavy shadows fill the pages and where there is the brief moments where light gets to shine in Gotham, for example the introduction of Jaina Hudson, you do wish Bruce does to try to catch her

    and a lot of the feel of the book can be linked to the hard work of Richard Friend on INKS and Alex Sinclair on colors, the offensive line men of comics lol They may not get the glamor but the team would be nothing without their hard work

    As for the actual Story, The first thing that jumps out at me is this does not come across as a DCNU book. While it is part of the new 52, this book easily could have fit in the "old" DC as well

    But when it is all said and done this is vintage Batman in everyway. Bruce Wayne seems o be making a more noticeable presence in the Gotham City political and social scene

    and as a result it has brought about some unwanted attention that must be dealt with.

    Things go bang in Gotham…ALOT and more often then not you will find the Batman ready to face off against the worst Gotham has to offer

    But when you have a place like Arkham Asylum, Lockdowns and Unbreakable restraints normally mean 300 plus inmates on the loose and the Dark Knight knee deep in psycho's and chaos. However this time it may prove to have a slightly different outcome with a appearance of one of Batman's most lethal villain

    The Bad Stuff

    For me I was in my Bat Man glory with this book, but for those who like to see the bat Family make a appearance, this book may not be your cup of tea.

    Also I would caution those with a weak stomach to steer clear as well, as it seems that when the blood will have a chance to fly, they will not pull any punches, in fact they may pull a arm off instead!

    So please keep in mind the rated T is there for a reason and let's not mistake for those in the Batman:Brave and the Bold category, okay ?


    If you liked Arkham Asylum the Game for its story and Batman leading the charge against the forces of crazy on their home turf, then this book will be very entertained. But this does what a number 1 issue is meant to. Introduce you to a character and their purpose and create interest in the next issue. Lets just hope this fast start will not be hit with the delay bug last last time....


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    This review is a joke... the issue was really bad, so WHY giving it so much credit? And the playboy bunny was just sexist and stupid.

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