Batman: The Brave and the Bold #313

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold » Batman: The Brave and the Bold #313 - Mitefall! released by DC Comics on November 11, 2011.

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    Batman and Abraham Lincoln vs.-


    A cyborg John Wilkes Booth?

    Rest of the episode:

    Bat-mite gets bored with the show, so he decides to get it cancelled, by turning it awful with his powers!

    Batman and Aquaman don`t know this. They fight against Gorilla Grodd, who has a silly plan.While they do that, sudden changes (Batmobile swapped to a, for example) happen in the Brave and the bold-universe, without almost anyone noticing!

    Except for Ambush bug. He tries to make the world back to the way it was (with help from Batman and Aquaman)!

    He actually succeeds!

    But...most viewers (and studio heads) seem to have got enough of this lighthearted vision of Batman. Darker is the way to go! So...soon, their universe will cease to exist.

    Bug uses his metafictional powers (or something like that), and invites dozens of heroes and villains of the show, to have a final get-together. We don`t get to enjoy the atmosphere for long, though.

    Batman gives a comforting speech to everyone present (including you).

    Then the actionous theme song starts and end credits roll.



    none of this episode.


    none of this episode.

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