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    Director: Michael Goguen

    Writer: James Kuhr

    Animated by: Digital eMation, inc.

    B`wana beast has been captured by The Faceless hunter, and taken him to space. Hunter wants to destroy Earth, even if Starro has been vanquished. Because he`s evil.

    Meanwhile, on Earth, Aquaman is still being controlled by a Starro drone. He attacks the heroes, and is released from the drones grasp.

    Hunter uses Beasts powers to resurrect all the deceased Starros, as a barely mind having giant monster! Beast is in a diabolical machine which takes his life energy, and amplifys his powers. Starro is controlled with the machine.

    There`s a huge battle. Starro is winning.

    Booster gold and Skeets go for Metal men, to get them help in the battle. But they have been reprogrammed by a Starro controlled Doc Magnus! They attack the duo from the future, but no fighting is shown.

    Batman goes to space to get Beast back.

    Metal men appear as their heroic selves, and join the fight.

    Batman slips to Hunters ship, and then THEY start to throw punches.

    Metal men combine to their strongest form: Alloy. Even that doesn`t work. Earth seems to be doomed...

    In the ship, after an arduous fight, Batman manages to trap Hunter.

    With Batmans help, Beast reverts the Starro monster back to a pile of dead things. Alloy beats it up. Beast knows that this is the end for him. Batman leaves the ship, reluctantly. It explodes.

    He tells Vixen, Beasts girlfriend, the bad news.

    The heroes have a memorial by the formerly-alive-heroes statue.


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