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First episode of season two.


Captain Marvel and Batman vs. Blockbuster!

Rest of the episode:

Recurring heroes and villains of the show, are pitted against one another by Mongul! To a car race (for the most part)! Winner gets dominance over Earth, quitter gets their home city blown apart! Which Batman is not going to have happen to Gotham.

He shall use every way necessary to win. EVERY. WAY.

The race starts. Cempetitor after a competitor loses, and is sent to War moon, Monguls new space HQ. The heroes spring out of the joint.

Eventually Batman wins, after having (it seems) killed Huntress! But actually, Huntress and Batman tricked everyone else in to thinking so.

Batman demands to get his prize. Mongul (not surprisingly) wont give it. What more, he is going to enslave Earth now. And behind his back, his fake moon explodes to smithereens!

Batman KOs Mongul. Heroes (with the shackled villains) return.

The caped crusader was fooling Mongul and most of the other players all along. Never intended to take anyones life. The only one he secretly told about his ruse, was Green arrow. All`s well that ends well, again.

Written by Greg Weisman.



none of this episode.


none of this episode.


none of this episode.

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