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Batman, Hawk & Dove are in space, aiming to stop two warring alien races!

Rest of the episode:

Global peace agency wants Batman to help one of their agents on a mission. Buddy Blank, who can be turned to OMAC, a juggernaut of justice! He`s pretty arrogant. Buddy is flimsy, and not arrogant at all. He has no idea of his changes.

To this mission they go. The mission being, to snuff out the threat of a mad marshal man named Kafka, who wants to nuke a country.

The two heroes fight against his forces, and Omac blows up the factory where they are. The mad despot doesn`t get out alive. Oh wait, he does. And now he has superpowers! He names himself Shrapnel.

He wants to destroy a nuclear reactor, which will increase his power (because he absorbs energy). And destroy a city.

OMAC barges to Shrapnels way, and beats him up. Shrapnel becomes stronger due to the kinetic energy of OMACs punches.

Batman tries to stop Shrapnel, but is stopped himself. By a cosmic being called Equinox. He explains that Shrapnel needs to destroy the reactor, so that the city would die. Why?

Cosmic balance. Shrapnel wanted to destroy a city earlier. Since he was stopped then, he mustn`t be, this time. Batman doesn`t agree.

Shrapnel is in the nuclear factory, and radiation levels are growing dangerously high. Batman tries to stop him. Loses.

Then OMAC realizes that Shrapnel can be defeated if he doesn`t fight against him. This OMAC does, wins, and reverts back to Buddy, because there`s a time limit for the transformation.

Buddy, who has been treated as a pushover for years, decides to something heroic, and beat the superpowered menace of Equinox. He loses too.

But before he does, Batman sneaks to the reactor (where radiation levels are so high that they will surely kill), to stop it from blowing up.

He nearly dies, but is revived by Equinox for the sake of balance. Then Equinox skidaddles.

Batman and Buddy (feeling courageous) just, you know, hang out for a while, before the end credits blast to the screen.

Written by Stan Berkowitz.



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