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    Written by Paul Dini.

    Directed by Ben Jones.

    Animation by Lotto Animation.


    Ace, the bat hound and Bruce Wayne, the Batman vs. Thomas Reese Blake, the Catman.

    Rest of the episode:

    This show isn`t wacky enough, thought Paul Dini and the rest.

    A fifth dimensional imp who decides to call himself Bat-mite, Batmans biggest fan, throws dangers to his way, that his hero has to overcome! This goes on and on, and Batman tries to trick the mite away. And succeeds.

    For a moment.

    Then he reasons, that the reality manipulator should know what it`s like to be him.

    Mite is overcome by the responsibilities his idol faces, and his powerful imagination.

    He realizes what a boob he`s been. He is ready to return to his home, sad. But Batmate feels sorry for him. So, he tells about another cool hero, who he can bug.

    Scene switch. Green arrow defeats Copperhead, and suddenly sees a wildly grinning, levitating lil dude. Arrow-mite, his biggest fan!


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