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Written by Matt Wayne.

Directed by Michael Chang.

Animation by Lotto Animation.


Elongegated-, Plastic- and Batman vs. Baby

Rest of the episode:

Batman is trying to stop Chemo, and gets infected by his radioactivity. He`s too weak to fight, and Chemo continues on to its destination.

Batman calls for Aquaman and Ryan Choi, the Atom II. They journey to the center of the bat, to destroy the sudden ailment that has incapacitated the flying rodent man.

Aquaman finds a friend!

A white blood cell.

After a while, Batman decides that he doesn`t care to just lie down. So, he goes to face Chemo again. He finds out that it/he is controlled by The Brain! Brain meets the weakened brawn of Batman! Whose condition is growing worse and worse.

Battle rages inside him too, when the miniscule mighty heroes punch monstrous viruses! Or, whatever those things are.

The enemies are defeated, but not without a cost. Aquamans friend is woulda died soon, anyway, though. due to the short life spans of cells.

Now they simply have to get out of Batmans body. How?

Easy. Just make Batman cry...

Before it`s seen, the episode ends.



none of this episode.


none of this episode.


none of this episode.


none of this episode.

Story Arcs

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