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Written by Steven Melching.

Directed by Ben Jones.

Animation by Dong Woo Animation.


Batman in the future, fighting against anthropomorphic creatures, with Kamandi and Dr. Canus!

Rest of the episode:

Batman fights against Gentleman ghost. Ghost wins, and buries crusader alive! Batman uses an ancient technique. He leaves from his body. He has to get his body out of the grave in a few hours too, though, or death will come to him!

Then he meets a ghost. He can`t get to afterlife, and is bummed out. Batman tells him that there has to be a reason as to why he can`t. Dead man doesn`t believe him.

The two see Roy Harper and Oliver Queen. The dead dude shows that ghosts can possess living beings. Though there is some communication problems, the spectres get trough to the archers.

Batsy and the dead man search for Gentleman Ghost.

Batman is freed from six feet under by Green Arrow/Oliver, while everyone fights against skeletons, reanimated by Ghost. You know, the usual.

Ghost is defeated by his own.

Both ghostly heroes are seduced, to go in to the light. Batman is greeted by his parents.

Both turn down the offer.

In the end, the dead man teams up with our avenging, crusading, caped batty man again. It ends with a still picture, of the two ready to fight as a team, again.

Note: Hook is shown in a flashback. His hook, that is.



none of this episode.


none of this episode.


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none of this episode.

Story Arcs

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