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grumbWriter: J.M. Dematteis

Director: Ben Jones

Animation: MOI Animation


Guy Gardner causes a fuzz in the OA cafeteria.

Rest of the episode:

Batman and Green Arrow are having a blast, compeeting about who pummels more crooks trying to escape from Iron heights.

Suddenly they`re transported to the age of Arthurian legends! Merlin got them there because one of them is the only one who`s able to defeat Morgaine Le Fey, who menaces the world once again. They need to find Excalibur. The one who manages to budge it from stone, is the worthiest one.

She makes a man called Jason Blood in to a demon called Etrigan, to kill the two heroes!

Who are bickering, while trying to find Excalibur.

They find it!

Then the demon appears, and there`s a brief fight!

Batman manages to get to the awesome sword, and wield it!

Then Le Fey has the two protagonists fight against each other!

Then they decide to use Excalibur together, to defeat Le Fey!

When this is done, Etrigan is free of the sorcerers mind control, and leaves the heroes, to have his own adventures.

The heroes are returned to their own time, just in time to get to stop the prison break after all.


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