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Written by Michael Jelenic.


Oliver Queen and Batman face the Clock king, and the guardian of Gotham thinks up some inner monologue (one of the rare episodes where any of the characters do). Then the intro ends, to a frozen image of them facing a robotic cuckoo of a cuckoo clock, that has machine guns pointing at them (that they obviously destroyed soon).

Rest of the episode:

Jaime Reyes is hanging out at home, with his friend Paco. Jaime gushes over how cool Batman is.

Paco switches channels in the tv. One of them has a news broadcast about Batsy and Arrow fighting against Clock king.

Paco leaves. Batman arrives right to Jaimes window!

Jaime`s not...that shocked, really...Weird.

Oh right, he isn`t, `cause the two know each other already. Batman wants Jaime to join him on a team-up (because he wants to know if Jaime, who`s new at the whole hero thing, has what it takes, to be a hero).

A meteorite is about to crush in to the JLA satellite. The two should take care of it. Well, three. Beetles suit counts as a person too.

It doesn`t work properly, all the time. Neither this time. It opens a wormhole/portal somewhere, and our heroes fly off to a yet unknown destination.

When they arrive there, seconds later, they notice it to be an inhabited planet. And its more evoluted occupants are being attacked by an evil man called Kanjar Ro! He and his goons leave soon, before the protagonists (who aren`t noticed yet) have a chance to kick their derriers.

The Gibble-people (that`s what they call themselves) praise the Beetle, when the duo shows up!

Strange, since he`s never met them before. But an unknown predecessor of his (might`ve been hundreds of years ago) did. Batman is regarded as his sidekick, which Batman takes very well. He tells the aliens, that Jaime will save them. The rookie isn`t sure if he`s up to it.

Batman doesn`t want Jaime to do all, though. What he needs to do, though, is to be an inspiration to the Gibbles. To get them face Kanjar Ro with the three heroes.

He says a few words about being courageous, and then they all go defeat the villains.

Kanjar is separating fuel from one of the Gibbles (they consist of it, largely), but not to the extent of killing them.

There`s a battle. Beetle beats the main baddie easily (his thugs are beaten down, too).

Beetles pretty posh right about then. Then Ro returns, with a mighty weapon. Gamma gong. He releases his goons, who fight against the caped crusader, while Beetle goes for Kanjar. Pretty sure of himself. This time, he loses.

Kanjars weapon weakens him enough for the suit to disappear within the scarab in Jaimes back. Batman and some Gibbles have been captured. They are sent to their doom!

Batman finds a solution quickly. His new acquaintances, containing natural fuel (which is most likely renewing), can release some of their energy in small bursts, if a current of electricity runs trough their body.

Kanjar tries to get the scarab from Jaime. Batman butts in. due to this, the scarab is dislodged. Kanjar takes it, and transforms. He and Batman fight, leaving Jaime in chains.

Jaime decides to start using his head. He gets out of the chains, takes the gong and defeats Kanjar again. Then he retrieves the scarab.

All the Gibbles are freed, villains taken to custody, farewells and thank yous said. Our heroes return to their home galaxy.

To the spot they left from, actually. The meteorite has moved only a few feet, due to some mathematical stuff involving wormholes. The two heroes go after it stat, Batman thinks up some inner monologue, and the episode ends to a frozen image of them, facing the space rock (that they obviously destroyed soon).



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