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Game Over, indeed. Please.

I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but this series would have been more successful if it ended at the conclusion of the first collection. This series continue to make no sense, riding solely on the distinct artwork (though that goes away for a brief time to be replaced by noticeably inferior artwork, no offense to the artists and their families and friends). Exacerbating the confusion, despite the claims last collection "this" Batman and Superman lost their memories of the alternate universe that was purportedly eliminated by Apokolips, surprise surprise, their memories are resurfacing, characters from the "eliminated universe" are returning, or have already arrived earlier, Superman is suffering from midochloridianitis or some such nonsense, new characters we are supposed to care about (who hate "our" characters, naturally) usurp narrative time and learn valuable lessons about life and stuff and blah blah blah. Suddenly the villain turns out to be a real villain and gets his just rewards but the comic runs out of room about four panels too soon and it just stops without concluding well. Fine planning, Creative Team.

Oh, and before all that, for no real reason, Batman's Posse fights Superman's Crew with gossamer punches, after Manifest Destinying all over someone's world and fight league rules, deciding they have the right to tell others how to live (in defense of "our" world I guess, it's not supposed to make sense), but then there's a twist we all saw coming: a villain with a heart of gold that ends up on the floor and it's all for naught. Sort of like this volume. "Game over," indeed.

Oh, wait, and somewhere in there is a totally embarrassing "story" about how somehow Superman and Batman have become living video game characters because all the hate of the world has majickally turned them into video game characters because rich people wanted it to happen, and, well, it's a big mess attempting to despoil your faith in the future of the written word and creativity in our culture (unintentionally, of course, that's just what intelligent people will think if they mistaken confuse this volume with something they should read). Feel free to pass on this one.

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