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Pointless World

As Tom or Crow might say, "there was a writer?" I don't mean any personal effrontery to Mr. Pak; I'm sure as a human being he is swell. However, this was some fairy-tale art supported by no story whatsoever. I imagine the New 52 Wave 2 (or 3) Meeting was held in a room with a nitrous oxide leak. "Should we make a new series that makes no sense, even while it attempts to tie in minuscule details from diverse series we've already rebooted?" "Yes," apparently was the response.

This just forced emotional moments on us without any appropriate setup, and the "attempts at galactic continuity assemblage" is about as successful as you think it will be. The color coding of which universe's hero doesn't help at all. It just doesn't. I don't mind paying attention while I'm reading. Close reading is not my enemy. But I'm not going to train myself to identify the obtuse color-coding dialogue system of a series that doesn't give me any reason to care about it. Characters just magically figure things out only because so many panels are given to fluff they have to move the "plot" along somehow. It's almost as if all the necessary realizations and plot discussions happen in between the issues. That actually is a bit of a relief, in its way. No explanation is given for the premise of "our" Batman and Superman thrown into the future, especially if it's a future that apparently doesn't happen after all?

I guess we are supposed to believe Apokolips destroys "their" universe, though it's too "cutely covert" (perhaps just "coy") to be understood (certainly not felt in any way). This is a mess. The story is something like universes collide, suddenly there's a Magic Crystal of Death, and it's also a Magic Crystal of Life, and the Army and Female Loki and Apokolips and then it stops. Apparently "our" Batman and Superman prove they are worth saving because they are greedy, young, selfish, mouthy, and impetuous. "Their" Batman and Superman are honest, friends, selfless, thoughtful, intelligent, and thus easily wiped out by Apokolips. Yeah, integrity, camaraderie, honesty ... definitely old hat. Thanks, New 52. At least this was just a mini-series.

What? It's a whole series? It continues after issue 4? ... Oh, lawdie.

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