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It’s the first meeting of Supergirl and Red Hood, Steel and Supergirl and more as the competing Batman and Superman families must battle for the control of the missing Mongul’s fortress! And at the heart of it, Batman and Superman deal with their grief over their fallen comrades.


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When the previews were released there was negative feedback about a comment superman makes, and honestly, I can kinda understand where they are coming from, because there are certain characters who's morals you can mess with, superman isn't one of them unfortunately. Still, DC is trying very hard to make superman an aggressive blowhard instead of a inspirational figure, because for some god awful reason they thing that this way they will increase his popularity, which is pretty much redundant a...

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The World is on the line and it's up to Batman and Superman to save it. 0

Mongul maybe locked safely in the Phantom Zone, but that doesn't mean War World isn't without a leader. Jochi, son of Mongul, is claiming revenge for the death of his father!The GoodWhat a great first annual! Greg Pak's annual story takes place after the events of Batman/Superman #5-7 that had Mongul trying to take over the planet. The annual follows Jochi and War World looking for revenge after the apparent death of their leader and Batman/Superman having to once again protect the Earth!This wa...

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