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Why Hasn't This Been Officially Reviewed Yet?!

First off, let me start by saying that I have never really cared for Doomsday. When I say I don't care for him, I mean I don't like him or dislike him either way (that was a day ago). But now, I will say that there is a certain atmosphere that the character gives off that makes you feel that the story is going to be a big one. I think that simple atmosphere was greatly exploited in this book. There was foreboding, foreshadowing of the creature Doomsday as its legend is part of an old Kryptonian story about how the House of El fought the monster which in turn was finally defeated by Colonel Zod (you read that right). Lara El has had an up close and personal encounter with the creature before Zod came to her rescue. But it turns out (no, duh!) that Zod is actually the bad guy himself and had set loose the monster. Now, trapped in the Phantom Zone, Zod threatens all of Krypton to Kara Zor-El in her bedroom late at night. He talks of how he'll bring the creature back one day and he'll have Doomsday destroy Krypton, starting with Kara. Kara bravely stands up to Zod's image and says that he's lying and that he'll never escape the Phantom Zone, but Zod, before signing out, allows the image of Doomsday to appear to her, and it reaches a long arm out, almost seeming that it did in fact breach the Phantom Zone, but Kara is unharmed and falls onto the bed and tells herself that it was all just a dream.

Loved the book, would love for this very story-line to be some kind of precursor to a future Superman movie.

But I did only give it four stars for the simple fact that although the writing and art were very good, it didn't really give us a lot of Doomsday. It just kind of felt like it was building him up a lot (which is cool)...but I suppose if Doomsday were to have his own comic, this would warrant a 5 star, but seeing as how he only gets one issue, I would have liked to have seen more Doomsday, perhaps more of him when he was reaking havoc on Krypton.

But I anticipate having more of this knowledge in the first story arc of the new Superman/Wonder Woman series coming out next month.

I would highly recommend this book though.

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