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Monsters And Knights

i can't really describe how much i was anticipating this particular issue, because while i'm not a fan of doomsday due to his lack of depth, i do like greg paks writing, and he is really good with writing monsters in general so if there is anyone who'd make a good doomsday issue, it's him.

this time around i'd like to start right away from the writing itself, because there are some points i'd really liked to get off my chest. Thing is, i really liked this issue, it's not without some problems but as a whole, it's a good one. However, one has to read it a couple of times to certainly piece things together as at first the story does seem convoluted. Doomsday has been hated my many due to the fact that he is a damn plot device and has no real purpose other than utter destruction. Greg pak manages to give doomsday some depth and actually kept the idea of him being an unstoppable weapon. When i first read the issue i had a bad taste left in my mouth, because certain aspects of the story don't seem to add up.

The main problem here is the fact that we never really know what is Doomsdays origin, or how he came to be, and when you read it for the first time it seems that The main villain of the book just appeared out of nowhere and started smashing things. Thankfully, this is not the case as one needs to pay a bit more attention what really goes down here. Greg Pak probably didn't want to take Doomsdays main shtick away which i respect, though i would have enjoyed for him to have more of a personality. But what really caught my eye here is the fact that Doomsday has a very good background. The idea of The MYSTERIOUS monster is very intriguing, and doomsday, instead of just being a simple monster for the superman gallery, is actually tied to krypton itself, which was done really well. I also like how Greg Pak Managed to give General Zod a good role as well in the story, in fact this could lead to something very good IMO. The Idea of the Kryptonians going soft is very important here, in fact it plays a Major role. Despite having advanced technology, they are not really prepared for a huge fight. Based on Zods agendas, and his motives of making Krypton Strong, it's implied that That Doomsdays emergence is closely tied to Zod.

Initially i said that Doomsday never really gets an origin to begin with, and it wasn't until i analyzed the content of the Issue until i realized that that was the whole idea. Dooomsday is supposed to be an undefined monster of pure rage and destruction, the kind who's name echos through legends. Due to the Stories told( and Zods History), i wouldn't rule out the notion that Zod was the one who created Doomsday to begin with, or there is another possibility which can be derived from Zor-Els story, that Zod Was the one who tracked down the Monster and unleashed him on Krypton, only to be there himself to stop him.Greg pak tries to integrate a horror-like feel to doomsday, he gave him a reputation, and a legacy, and at the same time he didn't alter what doomsday represents. That requires Skill. Though i'm not quite sure why Zod Specifically went to Kara. It's possible that he did this only because he knew Zor-El and Jor-El and actually considered them friends, or it could be because he wanted to scare kara so she'd grow up stronger? again, it's never explained and i'm forced to fill in the Gaps, i know it's one Issue, but still.

There is also a lot of Symbolism here too, As people never truly appreciate Heroes until the go all out against a foe and risk everything for them. The story of one of the El's Finding a planet of small inhabitants is an ode to Superman himself and Joh Byrnes Run On him. Clark is Vastly superior to the humans, and his power scares people, and it's not until he risks his life for them that they finally acknowledge them as the true hero he really is, but then it's just simply too late. The story doesn't end well for the Knight, only for the Little people. This was Yet again awesome.

Damn Indeed
Damn Indeed

The art is Brilliant though, i can see why this issue might be controversial, but i'd just pick it up for the damn art, because the story is pretty fun, though many might not consider it great. Doomsdays new design is breathtaking, Brett Booth constructs and beast of utter destruction, which means that the action is pretty great too. Doomsdays New additions to his look is very welcome as it doesn't take away from the character, it just gives him new ways to hurt people, and there were a couple of scenes where he look very intimating, i mean seriously, the colors and details work very well together.

Overall the score goes from 3.5 to 4. it's not perfect, but it's good.

Recommendation: Yes!

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