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    Really Disapointing

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    I know your fingers must be Itching to right some hate, But Here are my views I know alot you might disagree

    That being said......

    I had very High hopes for this series with Greg Pak and Jae Lee. I thought the Issue was hard to follow, Uneventful and Un-Enjoyable

    Art and Writing

    The art was beautiful, The writing was disappointing for the level the art was.

    The Good and the Bad

    The Good

    • The Art
    • The Costume
    • The Bit when Earth 2 Batman a Kryptonite Force Field

    The Bad

    • The Start
    • Slow "Movingness"
    • The Writing

    Is it worth the Buy?

    I would say give it a try, But I won't be coming back for another issue

    Thanks for Reading

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