Review: Batman Streets of Gotham #17

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Bruce Wayne is back in Gotham as one of the Batmen and reconnects with Selina Kyle. Meanwhile, Thomas Elliot AKA Hush, who has been posing as Bruce Wayne while the real Bruce was lost in time, has been kidnapped by a group of people who have a deep history with the Wayne family.

The Good

I've been waiting for a story that's heavy Hush since the Heart of Hush storyline a few years back. For me, this is the best creative team for any of the Bat-Books. It has Paul Dini as the writer, who was a writer for the Batman The Animated Series, and Dustin Nguyen on art who has a great cartoon-ish art style which fits Dini's writing wonderfully. There's two parts to this book: Batman and Selina getting back together, and Hush's kidnapping. Everything in this issue is a set-up for something bigger, but it's done incredibly well. I found the Hush storyline to be a bit more interesting as the history of Hush's kidnappers and the Wayne family is explained in great detail. What is most exciting is how this storyline will move forward. It's going to end up in a to-the-death battle, or at least that's how it seems from this issue. The Ragman back-up was pretty good, but like most back-ups, no where near as good as main story. I don't know much about Ragman, but that's what these back-up features should focus on more, characters that have disappeared from the books... Except for Manhunter... I don't like her.

The Bad

It's a slow moving issue, and the action is few and far between.

The Verdict 4.5/5 Recommended

Great Starting Point!
Although it's the second issue of the storyline, this is a great place to pick up as long as you realize a couple of things: Bruce Wayne just returned from the dead and Hush was posing as Bruce Wayne in his absence and looks exactly like him. There's a lot of Bat-books on the market this week: Batman, Batman Inc, Batman: The Return, and this book. I've read them all, and this was my favorite Batbook of the week, with Batman Inc falling shortly behind.
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I'm sorry to say I havent read one single issue of Streets of Gotham. So many Bat books on the market this title took a back seat.
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I haven't ever read an issue of this either

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Dini is probably the best Bat-writer ever. Well, i love Loeb too. 
I buy the trade. Always do..

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I will wait for TPB.
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Any time Paul Dini handles the Batman/Catwoman relationship, it's always a joy to read.  They're my favorite couple in comics, and nobody has ever written them better than Dini.

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Dini has salvaged Hush from one-note crapiness. Read the Heart of Hush trade and then read this.

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Im a HUGH Hush fan but i dropped this book to pay for other bat-related books... i feel like ive made a grave mistake.

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@Inferiorego:  You don't know the Ragman?  For shame.  Ha!   
I just have to say, again and again, Dustin Nguyen's covers are so beautiful!
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Would love to get caught up on this from the start but the funds are just not there for that right now.

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