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Review: Streets of Gotham #20

Batman's new foe, Bedbug, reflects upon his long history with the families of Wayne and Elliot.

The Good

Much has been made about the mythic escalation of organized crime in Gotham and this extended flashback puts Bedbug's role into a fitting place in thAT overall scheme. It really does make sense for a mob chemist to have his sociopathic leanings bet out of steps with the regular mob, only to find that they're perfectly in line with supervillains'.

The Bad

I still feel like Bedbug needs some further embellishment for his gimmick or his costume to suitably kick him up as a worthy addition to Batman's legendary rogue's gallery. That may change once this arc completes its course but, at the moment, I'm still even having trouble picturing what he looks like.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

This plays like a great old episode of the Batman animated series and that really shouldn't be any surprise given the talent involved. I simply have to compliment Nguyen's art, which gives this a timeless feel that maintains a modern style and flash while never feeling inappropriate for the flashback's unspecified, 40's-esque setting.

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