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Two Face wouldn´t do a better job

This was a mind blowing issue, not entirely because of Dale Eaglesham´s magnific art, but mainly because of Devin Grayson fantastic characterization of Scarecrow and how he built a thrilling and intelligent plot around him, I never thought that a character that hasn´t got super powers per say, could do so much damage as he´s doing to Gotham´s survivors right now, he´s not just a maniac, a psycho, he truly is looking to prove that everyone will succumb by fear - the machinations and the false lines that are spilled from his mouth are causing more damage than Pengiun´s crime business and the way Grayson involved all the characters in this plot (the Father Chris, Huntress, Penguin, the poor Black Mask ex soldier) is awesome - the only bad thing is that Batman is still on the dark, completely oblivious of all that´s happening back at the Ark Refugee Center, though it´s reasonable that he´s dealing with a lot right now - Eaglesham did a very solid issue here too, especially in the parts where Batman appears, but definitely the star of this arc story is Scarecrow: he´s pure evil, an amazing and dangerous villain, capable of inducing even good souls or the ones looking for redemption to stray in the wrong path (ok, so the character may have been a little gullible and naive for believing in the words of Mr. Crane, but other than that this story was great).
4.5 out 5

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