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Poor Jonesy

The quake that devasted Gotham is still claiming it´s toll of victims and it´s up to Batman to rescue as many as he can, in this issue he is going after Bruce Wayne´s friend named Ralf, a millionaire like him that was throwing his birthday party at the exactly same time when the quake stroke, the irony is that Wayne was invited for the party, so can Batman makes a difference arriving two weeks late for the invitation? This issue brings up the theme of canibalism in order to sustain the other´s group lives - this isn´t a nice subject, it has been addressed in movies before, but the sole idea that one person must be killed so the others can eat him, preventing them from dying is disturbing and scaring - Batman´s struggles to reach this group is very well penciled by Mark Buckingham, also the narrative of Alan Grant is very interesting.
4 out 5

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