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No man deserves to die by murder

This is an awesome self contained one issue story about Batman investigating an ordinary man who´s been murdered at the roof top where he lived, feeding his pigeons - the magical thing here is that Grant pulled from common things all the substract necessary for Batman to dig in and clear the case - the victim is John Dell, a simple man, married, father, pigeon lover, who has been murdered by a knife into his chest and despite his ordinary life, plenty was happening at the time he got killed, leaving many suspects for Batman to rule out and decypher this case - the dialogues and the way that Batman thinks were all very well placed by Grant, with a fantastic and straight foward narrative, this is a true noir or a C.S.I. without all that garbage b.s. - plus, if you enjoy Buckingham´s art, this is a master piece by him: the expressions, the Batman cape almost as alive, the buildings, the way he gives Batman all the cool moves. I really enjoyed reading this issue, especially because it shows Batman doing his detective work, but to solve a regular crime, also it was funny how after speaking with every suspect, he´d advised the subject to go to GCPD to make a statement - really cool issue!
4.5 out 5

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