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The Corrosive Man busts out of prison and soaks in the rain. Joe Public beats up a gang holding someone from another gang up at knife point. Batman (Jean Paul Valley) berates Joe Public for not apprehending the guy the gang was holding up and tells him to quit the superhero business. Joe Public reflects maybe its not as easy as it seems.

Batman finds Corrosive Man who is looking for Mort Kadaver and winds up on the losing end of their first fight. Joe Public finds Corrosive Man just as Batman is about to spray him with a high pressure hose. Public tries to tell Corrosive Man he wants to help reform him but ends up getting his clock cleaned before Batman jumps in to save him. Corrosive Man has Batman down and almost out and Joe Public is doubting whether he should use his powers. Batman yells at him to use them and Joe Public's powers revert Corrosive Man back to his human form.

Back at Wayne Manor Jean Paul is reflecting on how Bruce Wayne managed to run two lives while being Batman. He rebuilds his armor and pledges to protect Gotham no matter what.

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