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Badman and Robber

This was a bad Batman film and it robbed the fans of their money and love of this light knight. It is the worst Batman film made. George Clooney murdered the role of Batman with lack of grimness and jokes like "You break it you buy it." and his bat visa jokes. Bruce Wayne I have never seen with a shaved head or gray hair at a young age. Robin also has the shaved head problem. Mr.Freeze has a dozen o ice,and freeze jokes and his suit is bulky and makes him look fat.Poison Ivy was relyed allot on her dust so much she seemed whorerish. Bane was an imbicle when he is supposed to be a brilliant tactitian. Barbera Gordan

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 is in no way related to Alfred.However these flaws add to how I find the movie entertaining it's just that humorous but all kidding aside I give the movie 11/2 stars. 

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    By The Angry Comic Book Critic       After seeing this and Batman Forever I have only one thing left to say to Joel Schumacher after this latest ass raping of the Dynamic Duo as sincerely as one human being can say to another FUCK YOU. I can not stress that enough this film was the One More Day Version for Batman is was that bad. It was so bad when I found a videotape (yes they were what pre-dated the DVD) of this in my closet that I owned when I was a kid and you know what I did with it?....I S...

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    From the weak and paper thin plot line to the script comprised solely of one-liners, there is nothing about this movie that is remotely worth watching, EXCEPT to make fun of it. The list of problems, both on technical and story levels is endless. This is the one movie that all batman and movie fans should vote to have written off from the batman franchise. I'm pretty sure even George Clooney didn't even want to make it. I don't blame him. Aside from some interesting costume designs, this movie ...

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