Batman R.I.P.

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    Batman battles the mysterious Doctor Hurt and his Club of Villains. Long forgotten secrets from the past are dug up, and the Dark Knight is forced to fight for his very sanity.

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    Plot Summary

    At an unknown location, a group of international supervillains are gathered together under the behest of the Black Glove, led by Dr. Simon Hurt, the man responsible for the isolation chamber experiment that Batman underwent and the creation of the three replacement Batmen. They are planning a danse macabre for Batman and arrange for the sending of an invitation to the villainous Joker.

    Back in Gotham City, Batman and his new girlfriend Jezebel Jet receive an invitation to attend a party being held by the Black Glove, of which the theme is that of a danse macabre. This causes Batman to react in fear, as he believes that Jezebel (who has recently learned that Batman is Bruce Wayne) could conceivably be targeted for death by the Black Glove.

    Elsewhere, Commissioner Gordon tries valiantly to convince a local newspaper into not running a story on a dossier that the publication has recently came into possession of. The dossier, allegedly compiled by a detective hired by the parents of Martha Wayne (Batman's mother), contains many shocking revelations: that Alfred Pennyworth (Batman's loyal butler/confidant) is Bruce Wayne's true biological father, that Thomas Wayne was a drunk who got his wife Martha addicted to heroin, as well as photographs of an orgy involving Thomas and Martha Wayne, Alfred, and the stars of a noir film "The Black Glove". The editor also tells Gordon even bigger revelations: that Thomas Wayne may still be alive and that the "murder" of his wife Martha was part of an elaborate scheme to kill his unfaithful wife and fake his own death.

    The dossier itself is part of a larger game being played by the Black Glove and his League of Villains, of which Doctor Simon Hurt is leading in their campaign against Batman. Having drugged Batman with a slashing from a tainted blade, Hurt gives Monsieur Le Bossu and his henchmen the gargoyles, the location the Batcave.

    As Le Bossu and his minions attack Alfred upon their entrance of their cave, Batman has the Batcomputer analyze all known data he has on the Black Glove and Simon Hurt. The result Batman receives, just before he collapses due to the drug he was exposed to, is that the Black Glove is Zur-En-Arrh.....

    An explosion occurs and Batman is dead. The scene changes and Nightwing is holding Batman's cape and mask. Both the Robin and Nightwing titles will be stopped and in their place will be a spin off of Batman R.I.P called "Battle for the Cowl". In which the new Batman will be decided.



    Batman #676-#681

    Detective Comics #846-#850

    Nightwing #147-#150

    Robin #175-#176

    Batman and the Outsiders #11-#13

    Collected Editions

    Related Issues

    Non-U.S. Editions


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