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You Don't Really Think You'll Win Do You?

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      Before I start I want to ask everyone out there were really so unhappy with Tim Burton's films that you wanted someone like Joel Schumacher to take the reigns of the franchise? I mean guy gave us a Dark Knight we could respect because before Tim Burton came along most non comic nerds when they thought of Batman they thought Bat Shark Repellent and really do you want to associate one of the greatest heroes of all time with Bat Shark repellent? I think not. Now this film was a big problem with parents cause most people didn't like the disgusting Penguin and thought the film was far to Dark for those of us who remember the last film ended on a triumphant Victory for the Dark Knight this one it was more of a bitter sweet ending he beat the villains but lost the girl well he does that all the time in the comics so it's fitting that it happens in the film as well and as for the parents who got all pissed at the film makers because Little Johnny got nightmares and wanted it to be more kid friendly I say to them go suck a dick and read the ratings for films you take your child to cause it your own fault if he gets nightmares and pisses his pants cause the Film makers didn't put a gun to your head and force you to watch. I myself love this movie I love everything about it hell I even love Christopher Walken in this film it's not a bad film it's not even a good film its a GREAT FILM and one of the embodiments of my childhood so without future delay lets review this childhood gold.
     Danny Devito he to me is the penguin despite what others say he was a great villain for this film I still get chills when he says to batman "You don't really think you'll win do you?" That line to me is one of the most bad ass lines I've ever seen on film while Jack was great in the first one with his speeches Devito was great with his one liners and honestly he was way more intimidating as villain too me yes Jack was amazing as the Joker and was cool beyond belief he just didn't have the intimidation that Devito did. Now one of the only things in this movie that I didn't really care for was Catwoman Michelle Phifer was a great Selina Kyle but she just didn't sell me when she was in costume but I will say this much she's better then the rest of the live action catwomen you want proof here it is....Halle Berry I didn't want to open Pandora's box but it needed to be said. Now this is one of the few films I've seen where multiple villain has worked cause as we all know more than one villain can easily make a film fall to shit don't believe me just look at Spider-man 3 and Batman Forever. Now Michael Keaton again gave us a stellar performance as the caped crusader and had a lot of strong delivery on his lines but this time around I don't think he had the same amount of fun with his role this time I kinda just chalk it up to the dark tone of the film. Now Christopher Walken has taken some shit for his role in this film but I think people just don't understand what he was meant to be in the film he was the comic relief and for that he was as fun an awkward as he always was and at least this time he didn't threaten to kill a fire extinguisher...yeah I'm totally serious In a film I once saw him in he actually threatened to kill a fire extinguisher why who knows it was still funny as hell. Now one part of this film that was just stupid yet for some strange reason was still enjoyable was the mind controlled suicide bomber penguins....I can't believe I just said that. They where strange but it sorta kinda loosely made sense considering the penguin was the lead villain and stranger things have happened in comics.
   I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this childhood classic gets the Stamp of Approval.

Batman Returns


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