Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne

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    After being sent to the past by Darkseid, Batman must battle his way back to the present and avert the villain's final doomsday plan.

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    Following up after the events of the Final Crisis arc, Bruce Wayne is considered dead as a result of Darkseid's Omega Effect. It is only later revealed that Bruce Wayne is still alive and the dead body dragged out by Superman was a perfect clone match created by Darkseid with the assistance of Mokkari and Simyan.

    Now Batman, lost in the past, is struggling to find his way back in the present, jumping into 6 different periods of time, witnessing each of those time's events. Superman, Hal Jordan, Booster Gold, Rip Hunter as well as Skeets, are forming a new team to track him down in the past. Making their first contact with Batman in Vanishing point, Superman warns him that Darkseid booby trapped him when he blasted him with the Omega Effect, turning him into a doomsday device. Therefore, Batman needs the help of the rest of the superhero community to return to the present, because if not, this will mean the destruction of the 21th Century.

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