Batman: Officer Down #1

    Batman: Officer Down » Batman: Officer Down #1 - Batman: Officer Down (New Gotham 2) released by DC Comics on April 2001.

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    Batman #587 , Batman: Gotham Knights #13 , Birds of Prey #27 , Catwoman #90 , Detective Comics #754 , Nightwing #53 , Robin #86 .

    While on his way to Barbara's after a birthday party thrown for him by his team, Commissioner James Gordon was shot three times in the back. Catwoman was the only witness. The BatSquad showed up for Oracle immediately except for Batman himself. They found him in Gordon's room shortly after the first surgery was over. He sent his team out to find Catwoman while he stayed with his friend. They got a lead on her from Harley Quinn and shortly captured her. She claimed a cop shot him and that she had the gun stashed away. Nightwing took the gun to Oracle. She was able to trace it back to its original owner, to the cops who took the owner down. She then traced one of the cops to his previous life as a mobster taken down by Gordon while still in Chicago. Alfred got fed up with Bruce not doing anything (he'd stood by Gordon's side and not left at all), and he quit the Wayne employ. As Gordon was waking up, Nightwing got the gun and info to Bullock, who brought in the dirty cop. They grilled him, but couldn't get a confession; Gordon didn't see him and therefore couldn't ID him. Rich (formerly Reynolds) walked. Batman scared him as soon as he walked out of the police station, but fled. Gordon was released from the hospital, and he retired from the force. Michael Akins was named his successor, but Batman didn't take it well. He told Gordon that he felt like he'd failed him, his wife, and his daughter. Bullock kept Montoya from murdering Rich.


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