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Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel...

Fun Fact: The First Noel has got to be my favorite Christmas carol.

The Good

I'll be upfront with you, the art is the reason most people will buy this book. It's jaw droppingly gorgeous, beautifully realized, and an all around pleasure to look at. Gotham city has never been more detailed and sadly probably won't be.

The story on the other hand does in fact have a lot goign for it as well. It's pretty much A Christmas Carol done Batman to most people and that statement does actually have merit the story does have bit more to it. See, to me the story works as A Christmas Carol and as a statement on how Batman has evolved into a much darker character over the years. While it isn't actually breaking new ground here it's done well and looks great at the same time.

The Bad

Nothing much honestly, I would probably put it in my top 25 Batman stories.

The Verdict

I just wanted to get a quick Christmas related story to get a review today before I put up some ornaments on my Christmas tree. In any case this book is one worth reading and I highly recommend it.

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