Batman: Mitefall #1

    Batman: Mitefall » Batman: Mitefall #1 - Mitefall released by DC Comics on March 1995.

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    Failing to reach Batman, Bat-Mite reaches out to former drug addict and Arkham escapee Bob Overdog. Together they travel to the Mite's home dimension and face the menace of Bane-Mite.

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    The day after Bane-Mite is created, he is locked in a small box. Each evening he was fed roots and lichens by his unseen jailer. Each morning he as unceremoniously hosed down with ice water. And each year on his birthday he was transferred to a larger cage. There are only two things one can do in that situation: isometric exercises and brooding. Bane-Mite excelled at both. He breaks out of prison at age nineteen - he commits mass murder, discovers an evil drug and becomes Mite-World's only registered toxik addict. First thing he does is blow up ArkMite Asylum and release all the kooks - just like it happens on Earth. So Bat-Mite spends the next couple of weeks hunting down and recapturing the bad guys, using up his magic and seriously weakening himself in the process. While Bat-Mite deals with Bane Mite's three stooges, he pumps himself full of the wonder drug toxik - doubling his strength, intelligence, and fighting skills (though it wreaks havoc with his appearance). The battle between the two was long and hard, but the Bat-Mite was weak and close to exhaustion, and the Bane Mite burned with a very special hatred. The outcome was inevitable. Bane became the mite who broke the Bat. Bane Mite had long dreamt of this moment - when his enemy, Bat-Mite, is at his mercy. Now Bane-Mite rules the night. And once all Gotham is his, he plans to take over the rest of his world. Then he will burst through to other dimensions, and destroy them, too. He will run a protection racket that takes in the whole universe. He'll be rich and powerful. But Bat-Mite isn't dead, though. He uses what little power he has left to heal himself and come to Earth - where he hopes to find help. Bat-Mite needs a hero. A true champion. Someone who can face up to the Bane-Mite and his foul toxik - a man who does not shrink from danger or violence - not even from death itself. He goes to Batman - he's the perfect symbol, a rallying point for the few heroes left. But Bat-Mite is too weak - Bruce can't even see him. So he goes to Bob, whom Bat-Mite threw in Arkham Asylum before. But Bob has changed, he is now a positive force in society instead of evil and corrupting. Bob agrees to become a hero and save the world. Of course, no hero can go into battle dressed in an Arkham zoot-suit. Bat-Mite says he will give Bob the kind of costume that will have the ladies swooning and the guys' tongues drooling on the pavement. And he does. Bob isn't any kind of dog any more. He becomes Overbat - champion of the little guy. A hero for the dimensionally challenged. Meanwhile on Mite-World, the super-heroes attempt to stop Bane-Mite, but they face pulverization at the hands of ultimate evil. Bane's toxik - leavened with his deep, unreasoning hate - makes him better than all of them. He kicks the crap out of the super-heroes, rounds them up, and detains them under the highest security. But it isn't over yet. The Super-Mite family still has to get back from their mission in space. Bane-Mite injects himself with a special formula blended with his regular toxic. The Super-Mites attempt to stop him, but with the aid of toxic, he is invincible. As soon as the Super-Mites are dead, it's next stop Earth - and hello, universe for Bane-Mite. He injects himself with one final dose of toxic, doubling his power, destroys Mite-World's last hope and heads out. With the help of Ra's Al-Mite, Bane-Mite constructs a vast accelerated cloning plant, whose first operation comes to a close. But while standing ready for dimension travel while his clones pump up with toxik, Overbat steps in and orders Bane-Mite and his army to surrender. By using the golden light of purity (which no evil or corruption can exist in), Bob is able to stop Bane-Mite. It's over. Bat-Mite can now release all the Hero-Mites from Arkham. Overbat is an inspiration to all - living proof that any adversity can be overcome. Unfortunately, Bob can't resist and experiments with toxik, which kills him with one sniff. A ceremony is later held and a golden statue is put up in Bob's honor.

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