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Turkey Day!

Batman: Li'l Gotham #1 For prior reviews


Penguin goes to get vengeance for his fallen feathered friends.


Dustin Nguyen does a great job on the art again. The designs and detail really help make the book. I honestly can't imagine this book with a different artist.

Story and Script

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The story is a heck of a lot a fun! Damian is very well written, and we continue to see what an animal lover he is. First Bat-Cow now he's got a bunch of pet Turkey's too!

The story isn't deep or one that will make you think too much. So don't go into it expecting Watchmen. We got some nice cameos as well from Katana and Barbara Gordon(as Oracle) to Tim Drake. We also see some familiar faces from Batman: Streets of Gotham.

There is one thing in this issue I kind of noticed. Not a real complaint but it's previously stated that Alfred's cooking isn't very good. However here Oracle(great seeing her again, we may be seeing her in the next issue of Batman, Incorporated) says that the food is great. Maybe Alfred just became a better cook.


Listen if you miss the old DCU, this is the book for you. Hey that rhymes! It's a fun read. The art is beautiful and the story is entertaining. Buy this.

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