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The ultimate climax to the KnightEnd arc.

Jean-Paul Valley is at Wayne Manor for a final confrontation with Bruce. Jean-Paul angrily demands that Bruce take off his costume, saying that he is not the real Batman. Bruce tries to reason with him but Jean-Paul refuses to relinquish the mantle of the bat, citing how he defeated Bane while Bruce spent too much time away from crime solving and that he should just be a billionaire playboy.

Bruce then recalls how Jean-Paul let a criminal die, feeling responsible and protective of his mantle he asks Jean-Paul to give up the costume. Jean-Paul refuses and they battle it out through out the mansion. Bruce realizes that Jean-Paul rigged the entrance to the cave with booby-traps, so he goes out to the mansion to an alternate route to the mansion: the well he fell through as a child. He makes into the back of the cave while Jean-Paul waits unaware that Bruce is already there. Bruce then uses the cave echoes to tell Jean-Paul to take off the costume. The mentally unstable Jean-Paul believes the voice to be his father at first but figures out it's Bruce and charges after him.

Jean-Paul defiantly proclaims that without Batman he is nothing and declares he will not be nothing. They fight in the cave as Bruce leads him away through a narrow part of the cave. Jean-Paul's armor suit is too heavy and too big, so piece be piece he takes it off until he's left with his helmet.

He's ready to fight Bruce but he looks up to see the iconic Batman with light shining down from the well he fell down years ago. Jean-Paul breaks down and tearfully professes that Bruce is Batman and gives up the mantle. Bruce consoles Jean-Paul stating he won't take him to jail. They climb up on to sunny Wayne Manor. Bruce reflects that perhaps this is the time for some light in his life. He forgives Jean-Paul and himself and wishes him luck on his new path.

Bruce walks back to the manor, he's not the Dark Knight today, but today he reclaims his life back.


  • "DC Universe 18" one page featuring Chicago Comicon 1994.

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