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Nothing exists in a vacuum. Unfettered anarchy fills Gotham's gaping void. The Black Mask marches darkness ever loser. A caped crusader has taken to the skies, but this one plays by darker, meaner, more insane rules. What does this mean for Gotham? Who will take the mantle of the Bat?  

Battle for the Cowl-A Hostile Takeover: Part Two 
The demise of Batman has left Gotham City in chaos.

Commissioner Gordon is losing his grip. Gangs are running riot, and now the Black Mask has turned up looking meaner than ever before. With Nightwing in mourning, Robin and the squire cannot quell the unrest alone. But then… the Bat signal, is Gotham, to be saved? 

Battle for the Cowl-Army of One  
With Penguin and Two Face at each other’s throats, Black Mask plans to bring Gotham to its knees. Jane Doe, Firefly and Adam Bomb arrive and turn up the heat! But there is a new Batman in town, bent on destruction. Will he be the biggest threat to Gotham City yet? Its bare-knuckle action as Nightwing and this Batman wannabe come to blows!

Battle for the Cowl-Last Man Standing: Part One 
Gotham is in flames. The Black Mask has shaken the very the very foundation of the city. Even Two Face and Penguin have no place in this war zone. Now, more than ever, Gotham needs a new Batman. Can the gun-toting Jason Todd be stopped, and who will finally take on the mantle of the Bat? Strap yourself in for some of the finest action scenes this side of Blüdhaven!


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