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DARKSEID'S evil infestation of the body of DAN TURPIN was complete, and humanity's FREE WILL collapsed into his control.

BATMAN's mind was attacked and his body cloned for a dark army - but he has just broken free!

SUPERMAN journeyed to the home of the MONITORS , fought prime evil MANDRAKK , and returned to save LOIS , only be whisked away to the 31ST CENTURY.

LIBRA now controls ALL the supervillians - using helmets broadcasting ANTI-LIFE!

BLACK LIGHTNING aided the escape of the TATTOOED MAN (a former criminal) and his family from a horde of Darkseid's JUSTIFIERS.

Lightning passed on a Darkseid-disrupting SIGIL to the Tattooed Man, who hid it in his skin. Lightning was then made into Justifier himself!

The Tattooed Man then made his next appearance in the near-empty HALL OF JUSTICE where a rag-tag group of survivors tried to hold out.

GREEN ARROW sacrificed his humanity to save his wife and the remnants of the LEAGUE , as they teleported to the JLA Satellite. THE RAY then patched the satellite into the remaining world resistance, including the remnants of CHECKMATE in Switzerland.

The SUPER YOUNG TEAM burst into Checkmate's castle and offered their assistance... but not before SHILO NORMAN aka MISTER MIRACLE was shot! Good job he always wears body armour...

It turned out that THIS SONNY SUMO is FROM one of the PARALLEL EARTHS... though how he came to be on NEW Earth rather than the wasteland of EARTH 51 is a mystery.

GREEN LANTERN , cleared of all charges, and with 24 hours to save the universe, attempted to get back to Earth.

In Blüdhaven, the diminished forces of Earth prepared a LAST STAND... as Darkseid's forces - and the FEMALE FURIES - ride out to destroy them.

ALL IS ONE IN Darkseid.


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