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Batman R.I.P. Part Four

Meet The Batman of Zur En Arrh in this issue of Batman Legends, as Bruce Wayne calls on his backup identity after bring hypnotized by The Black Glove. Prepare for Bat-radia, sinister clubs of super-villains, and an almighty Gotham City tear up in ‘Miracle on Crime Alley’.

Final Crisis: Prelude

The DC Universe has been rocked by huge, cosmic events, each known as a “Crisis”. Each one has changed the DC Universe in some way, and altered the continuity of the major characters. Prepare yourself for the mind-shattering events of ‘Final Crisis’ with a special prelude in this issue of Batman Legends!

Batman R.I.P. Part Five

The League of Villains continues to move against Batman, and they still haven’t brought their strongest weapon into play – until now. The Dark Knight’s terrifying, pale-skinned, psychotic nemesis comes to the fore in ‘The Thin White Duke of Death’. That’s right, folks – it’s Joker time!


DC Universe # 0

Batman # 679, 680

Justice League of America # 21


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