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Batman R.I.P. Part One

The biggest story we’ve ever published in the hallowed pages of Batman Legends starts in this issue! Hold on to your hats folks, because nothing is going to be the same in Bruce Wayne’s world ever again. Who will live, who will die and who will be Batman when the dust settles?

The Joker’s Asylum: The Scarecrow

It’s The Scarecrow’s turn in the spotlight as the Joker’s guided tour of the Arkham Asylum continues. While other Batman villains commit crimes for money or fame, the once respected psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Crane has only one thing on his mind – the study of fear itself!

Absolute Terror Part One

The Scarecrow takes centre stage again in this issue's Detective Comics story. The Dark Knight isn’t afraid of many things, but the Scarecrow’s fear gas manages to bring out all of them – and Dr. Crane’s starting to get a bit sick Batman dragging him back to Arkham Asylum.


Detective Comics # 835

Batman # 676

Joker's Asylum: Scarecrow # 1


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